I offer a unique and valuable service. With so many years of Dog breeding, training, people relations I now am offering a Concierge service. I will help people find breeders of the breed of their choice, interview, and ask the breeders the questions that need to be asked.I will be the investigator with the experience and knowledge for you. With so many scams online today this is a service many are needing. Being an expert speaker on dogs and Vet Technician I have the pedigree to help you locate your next family member.  I also offer a consultancy service for my time like a Vet Tech on-call/ trainer. You can call me anytime day or not to ask questions about your dog's health/diet/worming/vaccines suggestions, Face time or zoom basic Dog obedience training sessions. Training tips and suggestions. A list of my services is below:

Vet Tech, Was an Expert Speaker for the Ultimate Dog Summit 2019, Published and interviewed by SDVoyager, Shout Out AZ, CA ShoutOut Social
Breeder for over 30 years, Done a lot of basic Dog Training, and worked with people and their dogs most of my life. To see my interviews and to view my Interviews please click my home page link below to my dogs and you will see all the links to my interviews and The Ultimate Dog Summit there click them to go to each Interview and to See The Summit Platform I did in  2019 through Taming Of The Wild`


This service is to help you locate a good breeder. I will research your desired breed and the good breeders available. I also can help you decide on what breed of dog might work for you and your family. Will also help you go over any breeders you have found. Just good sound advice and help in finding your next family member.
COST: $200


This is a service of great value to any dog owner. I will be available on call at your fingertips for your dog questions on Food, Training, Toys, Basic Training, Vaccine protocol, Health questions, grooming, Health advice if your dogs are sick and you need to see if a Vet Visit is warranted or if I have suggestions for you. I will be your Dog Consultant 365 days a year through phone, in person if you like, Video Chat if you like

COST: Yearly: for 365 services: $125 no limit on questions calls video chats. Unlimited Dog consulting. You got me when you need me.

Monthly rate :$15 no limit but paid monthly

Consult  Single Call On Any Issue Questions anytime:
$10 up to an hr call.


 Basic Dog Training By the Session $25 or $85 for 4