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If you would like a copy of our Contract and more info about getting one of our pups please send us an email. We also have our Co Breeders contracts as well we can forward you once approved if you are wanting a Siberian Husky.


Also if you are needing a speaker as a guest or classroom speaker I have done many interviews and am available on V/A Skype. I have done this for classrooms, 4h, studies and as an expert speaker for events etc. Please feel free to inquire.

*  We do like road trips and even consider flying a pup to you as carrying on possibly so feel free to inquire. But we do not ever ship any of our pups. We want to meet all families that get our dogs, and it is far to stressful on a young pup to be put in Cargo and endure a flight. Sorry far to many dogs die this way.

We do ask that we speak with you on the phone prior to being placed on our waiting list. We like to get to know you, and you may ask any questions you may have, and so we can ask some questions as well. We are very careful about how we place our pups. Please email us on what you are looking for: Show, pet, therapy dog,PTSD etc. Thank you for your understanding.

If you TEXT US about Siberian Huskies please have Siberian Husky interest in your first few lines of text so we know that is what it is regarding thank you.

Please email us if you are a serious inquire and would like a copy of our contract sent to you v/an email. It is in PDF format. Once you're ready to get on our list we will send you our address to send the contract to .  


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