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 We produce Black Tan Shiba Inu's, Red Shiba Inu's, and Cream Shiba Inu's. Our Shiba Inu's have health and structure. Our dogs go back to Chic OFA tested dogs. have very sound health behind them as well as a great structure for the breed. Many Shiba's have slipped hocks and poor structure. Structure and temperament and health are our top focus. We are not concerned with color: Structure, health, and temperaments are the most important factor in a breeding program. You will find several AKC show breeders will not include creams. This is a shame. The beautiful variety and it is ridiculous not to include stunning creams with fabulous healthy linage and type. Structure and health are the longevity of your Shiba Inu remember that not color or variety. Creams are a faulted as for show due to you can't see the white Urajiro definition for it is not desirable as the other varieties display with their contrasting color as for Reds and Black tans. Once again just a color issue as per breed standard. They are lovely in their own right and we support them fully and we here at Dakine have quality Cream Shiba Inu's. It has also been discussed that the Creams in the line also help to keep reds brilliant and not as much smutty black on the coat.

The above pic was taken when they were younger and in between coats as Shiba's mature their coat goes through changes some Shibas do not have as much undercoat and have a thinner coat. Also, Shibas go through moulting and can look gangly and thin during this time. This first happens when a youngster looses puppy coat.

"Dakine's Sanchi Senchi" top Japanese Import lines. Very sweet boy Shiba Inu

s are born with darker fur and some black on their surface coat they lose this and are a brilliant red when they get their adult coat. He goes to this fabulous dog : 

Oceans Bust-A_Move Click Here

Sachi Sire

Sachi Dam

Our Gorgeous Black tan girl ! This girl is what they consider a mame Shiba Inu she is very tiny for the breed. Personally I don't believe in the whole Mame they are just smaller shibas that is all. This girl is one of the Shiba's who prefers her family and doesn't want to be around strangers she is not mean just shy. such a mommas girl.

Ahmya's Dam

Our Red Girl who has top AKC CH lines Desmar and Marma lines this lady has beautiful bone and the nicest small ears.

 Our Black Tan Boy top CH Import Lineage sire is an Import. This boy is starting to mature still a young lad with a way to go but loving his sound structure! Will be a nice boy once fully mature.

After rolling in the dirt lol, gotta have a few candids right?

Sire to Hiroki

Dam to Hiroki

Sire's Pedigree

Our Cream Shiba girl top CH  OFA tested Import lines dogs behind her pictured below. So much personality such a love. Good Creams with good top linage are a hard find. We are very blessed to have her. This girl is such a cutie!

She Can Move!

Dam To Askua

Sire to Askua

Grand Sire Sire Side IMPORT

Grand Sire Dam Side IMPORT

Grand Sire : Sire's Side

Grand Dam: Sire's Side

GG Sire: Dam Side

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