• Tricia Schmorde

Siberian Huskies are family

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

As a breeder of this fantastic majestic breed I feel so many breeders are missing the biggest important factor in rearing pups. They need to be raised and reared in your home. Not in a Kennel. This we do. All of our dogs are a part of our family daily :). Socialization does not happen in a kennel~

Did you know that the first weeks of life your pups nervous system is still developing? Pups are born blind and deaf. As they mature eyes open start to focus, ears open and what they see and hear around them helps them develop neurologically. If they do not get the stimulation they need they do not develop as they should. Raised in the home they are exposed to sights and sounds that help their nervous system and helps them to become a far more social dog in the long run. Mans best friend deserves the proper start to life. For they are to be beside us in life not take the back seat in a pen in the back yard. Just a thought.

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