• Tricia Schmorde

The Wooly Coat Siberian

There is a lot of controversy with show breeders over using Wooly coat dogs in breeding programs and here is my take on this. Wooly Siberian Huskies are absolutely stunning but the coat for show and sledding isn't a go at all and it is a disqualification in the show ring. As for sledding it doesn't repel the water like a double coated Siberain Husky coat would. With that being said as far as pets the wooly coat is perfectly fine. As long as it's owner is willing to take on the extra grooming (this is a great bonding daily acttivity with an owner and their dog anyhow) the wooly is a very stunning coat on the Siberian Husky. For pets it is absolutely gorgeous why not a wooly ? That is if you like it. Just like with Shiba Inus and other breeds it is a gene found in the breed and does come up even in the best show lines. It is fine in a solid pet breeding program, but not for the working program if the dog is going to be pulling a sled in the snow. Far to many show breeders get on a band wagon putting down breeders who breed in the wooly coat, it is a matter of preference and there is nothing wrong with breeding for it as long as the breeders are not placing them as sled dogs. So much judgment from many show breeders who think they know everything would be a waste of a beautiful dogs and more quality breeders need to be breeding them so the good healthy lines stay for those wanting this type of coat for a family dog. People will still want wooly coats no matter who has an opinion that they shouldn't be bred and this presents a problem for health if good breeders are not breeding them the quality will be totally lost. I do have two wooly girls in our program and they are nothing short of amazing. The best healthy top Champion bred lines and put together way better structurally than many dogs who go into many show breeding programs, any wooly coated pups that our two girls have will not be placed as sled dogs simple as that and very easy. Most clients even those wanting therapy dogs wooly coats will be just fine if that is what the owner prefers. I am about preserving quality dogs and besides the longer wooly coat both our girls are beyond amazing. I see so many dogs in breeding programs for show who structurally will not hold up over the years with slipped hocks, straight shoulders and down the road it will cause issues with joints and these dogs are in show/sled dog programs and are not built to do their job . So this is funny to me that those dogs are still in a show breeding program a bit hypocritical to say the least these dogs are actually worse for the structural faults can cause joint issues later in life. Being a Vet Tech I have seen what the result of slipped hocks and out at the elbows can result in over time. Just my personal opinion on this, but something to think about for sure. Now if you are wanting a wooly coated Siberian you do need to take your time to be sure your dog comes from a breeder who has healthy dogs.Show breeders will get them cropping up in their litters so do inquire and ask. Many BYD do breed the woolies so beware in your search since it is not an accepted thing by the show breeders.

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