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Shipping and transport of buying an Oregon Siberian Husky or Shiba Inu can be highly underestimated. At this time we do not ship our pups V/A plane sorry... But we will ship by ground if you would like with a ground shipper this is roughly $450-$500 including crate to your doorstep. Also, we do like to plan road trips and for a fee sometimes we are willing to make a trip to deliver the pup. Just depends. You need to contact us and ask before getting on our waiting list if you are needing the pup transported. We pretty much require that we meet you at some point. For you are getting one of our family members. But we do make exceptions and would consider ground transport. Shipping by plane is very risky. Many dogs die every year and are lost during transport. Pups are not safe this way often left outside in the heat waiting to be loaded in the cargo area. Very dangerous and not fair to the dog. This is why we will not ship by airline sorry. Please contact us if you are needing the dog delivered and we can see if we can make it work by ground. Thank you for your understanding. Our dogs well being is our first focus and concern.

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