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NOTICE: Due to Covid 19 there will be additional precautions in place for I am personally high risk and my daughter works as a Vascular Sonographer and works around very high-risk people. No, Visit only pics and video until further notice. PICK UP: Limit of two family members and both must be wearing a mask. If it is good weather pick up may happen outside sire and dam, of course, will be viewable. No exceptions I have to do this

Our Dogs are BRUCELLOSIS NEGATIVE! ( Blood Tested through our Veterinarian and sent out to a lab. This is the  MOST ACCURATE not rapid in house tests you can buy over the internet) so we are Brucellosis free here at Dakine. Make sure your breeder is testing for this VERY IMPORTANT. NOTE all pups born to a female who is positive will also be positive if they survive, and have major health issues, but can also be very silent in a nonbreeding dog and this is a major health threat to his/her humans who are unaware they have been exposed. It is on the rise and very serious and transferable to humans very serious. It is airborne/saliva/fecal transferable those humans with the closest contact are at a higher risk of infection.


NOTE:  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR UPCOMING PLANNED breedings AND EXPECTED LITTERS we only have a couple of litters per year. We can gladly provide you with References of those who have worked with us and have our dogs if you would like.

 WE DO NOT breed for eye color at all, no reputable breeder does, nor do we allow people on our waiting list for a pup based on eye color, and do not promise eye color for eye color is not fully known right away in pups.  With that being said several of our huskies have at least one blue eye so the probability is very high for blue eyes.  One of our Siberian Huskies is BI Eyed very unique and stunning and one female has two blue eyes. Also one of our stud dogs is blue-eyed. Blue eyes in Siberian Huskies is actually dominant. But know that we are breeding for structure and temperament first we are not commercial breeders we are passionate about the breed and breed for purpose of the breed. All of our Siberian Huskies carry blue eyes. Reputable breeders breed for the overall benefit of the breed for health, structure, and temperament not commercially (meaning have more than just a couple litters per year and having more than just a few adult dogs). eye color is secondary to health and structure and temperament. I have really focused on temperament in my dogs. I want to create a Siberian who is a joy to live with and as responsive to his/her people as possible for the breed. 

 Our dogs are from Exquisite top Champion lines.  The lines behind my dogs  I have selected with research and knowledge of the breed with longevity structure and health are our only focus. When we have a litter, we are breeding towards the AKC  standard set for the breed. Health and temperament are our absolute top focus. 

 We do require that we speak with you over the phone before you get on our waitlist for one of our dogs. How we place our dogs is a top priority this is our mission and we can be selective. For we put so much energy into raising them properly and right.  We need to get to know you and you need to get to know us. I would be seriously skeptical about any breeder with a pay pal button on their site or pay your deposit now button. Yes, I have seen this! Dogs are family, not a buy now product.  I want to be able to talk to anyone who is interested in one of my dogs becoming a family member, or a working dog for them. I want you to ask me questions. I want to make sure this breed is the right fit for you. Makes for a happier dog who is more understood, and a happy family who is better informed and prepared. 
Thank you for your understanding~ 

 We do invite you to visit us if you like, but it can be hard for we are on the road a lot with our Frontline business So we visit all over Oregon, WA, Idaho, and California for the most part and pretty much fulltime RV'rs at this time, but often are staged in Oregon so you are welcome to visit the dogs. All puppies will be in Oregon most of the time Eugene Oregon for pick up.  Our CO breeders are in Salem and Redding CA. Siberian Huskies often are picked up in Salem or Eugene and some in Redding California. Please Only if you are serious about having one of our dogs as family members do we allow visits. We do not open our home to just everyone. The more foot traffic here can put our dogs at risk for the disease to be brought in. So those who are serious about our dogs and want to be put on our waiting list you may visit but shoes must be removed at the door No exceptions and we do have a few other rules to a visit. Thank you for your understanding in helping us protect our dogs from the disease being brought in.

 Breeding for our next show Siberian Husky and Shiba Inu Show prospect and to further our own breeding program by selecting dogs to add to it. Also to produce show Shiba Inu or Siberian Husky Show prospect to place in a show home for AKC, International, and UKC dog shows. Due to my connections and passion for the breed, I do breed to help supply dog sled teams with fresh dogs so great structure to pull is key as they are bred to do this job. I also have placed many Service dogs, and am blessed to be connected through knowing the right people. I also have the same connections placing my dogs as tracking dogs and search and rescue. So all my planned breeding's I do have a great purpose. Breeding and working with Siberians is a passionate hobby for the love of the betterment of the breed.
With the demands of my dogs, I am producing I have held tight standards when I purchased my Siberian Huskies that are my foundation. The temperament on all of my dogs is unbeatable IMO. One thing you will find is many Siberian Husky temperaments are very hard to live with, so it took time to find the right dogs with the whole package I was looking for.  I am breeding for the best temperaments I can produce in this breed and have selected my dogs along with the bloodlines I was waiting for this as a top focus. I am very proud of my breeding program. I love to show but absolutely must make dogs that are trainable and with good temperaments for the work many grow up to perform coming from our breedings.


 If approved you are welcome to get on our waiting list
Litter size can vary from 3-8 pups.  We reserve the right to pick puppy of any litter produced if needed at any time this may be for us personally or special need selection takes priority if a dog is a stand out for this as this is our purpose of breeding. This may not be every litter but understand these picks must take priority this is my hobby and my purpose of having a litter. Not being a commercial breeder rarely do breeders like me even break even. It is our passion and we take our purpose seriously thank you.

*NOTE:  We now have  Co Breeders one who is also a dog trainer located just outside of Salem Oregon. Eric Pierce, and also my daughter Candice in Redding CA, all but two of our Siberians are living with both of them. They will be raising most litters produced. I, for now, have Talya and will be raising her litters and have a daughter from Talya and Simo who resides with me and will be in our very near future breeding program. Due to our traveling in the RV. almost fulltime at the moment. All litters produced with our Co Breeders will be in contact with who bred the litter. Though we are still in control of the breeding program and how the pups are raised are under our advise and mentor-ship.

* Up to date shots but not over-vaccinated. We use an expensive cutting edge high titter parvo shot and a High titter Distemper shot we do not believe in over-vaccinating a young pup for most vaccines don't even provide protection until the final shot! Then at 8 weeks, they get their first combo puppy shot just before they leave to their Forever families if they are staying with us and not placed yet they will be given booster shots every 3 weeks until 20 weeks of age this ensures good protection the final shot is the MOST IMPORTANT SHOT.

* All pups remain with dam and the litter until 8 weeks of age allowed to nurse and be naturally weaned. This allows the dam to continue to educate her pups, better immunity for longer nursing, better socialization for the pup. BREEDERS WHO TAKE THE DAM AWAY TO EARLY ARE IN MY OPINION HURTING THE PUPS. So many breeders push to wean pups are 5 to six weeks from nursing. Pups need mom still for education and added nutrients of the milk supply. A dam will naturally fully wean her pups and not let them, nurse.. 


*will be on 7 surfaces by 7 weeks ( this helps to make a well-adjusted dog, with more confidence this stimulates the nervous system.


*Heartworm Prevention n( All of our dogs are heartworm negative V/A blood test and on Revolution and also get a dose of : ivermec 2x a month. so pups will come to you without heartworms.


*Puppy Vet exam just before they leave at 8 weeks checking for any issues and overall health of the pups before leaving. We use Oregon Mobile Vet for this so as to not expose them to disease in a Vet office. They come to our home.  The only time we do not do this is if we are traveling with a litter and timing doesn't add up. This is our Vet and the only one we trust. I am a Vet Tech and go over every pup several times before they leave for any issues.


* none of our pups go home with Fleas or ticks we are extremely careful for I am highly allergic to fleas....  ( We recommend Revolution all of our dogs are on this you need a prescription from your vet). But far worth it to protect your Sibe from Heartworms and Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Mites.  All of our dogs are heartworm and Brucellosis negative. You will find a link on the Siberian Husky health page to learn more about Revolution it is the safest anti-flea/tick/lice/mite treatment for dogs through my studies. I highly recommend it. It is not as effective for ticks if you are in a heavy tick-infested area I recommend adding more tick protection when needed, but our dogs have never had ticks using this product.


*Dewormed starting at two weeks of age and kept up until the pup goes home to you so it is done every two weeks.    


*Raised  100% inside our home until they go home with their new families. THIS IS HUGE! They are not in an outdoor kennel. They are in our home underfoot until the day they go home and handled and played with daily. Exposed to different sounds and surfaces, carried around, sit with us on the couch socialized in a safe loving, clean environment. Summer litters may see some patio time, due to not being vaccinated and risk of protozoa infections as well from the grass and soil we do not allow them on the grass until they are a bit older and have a vaccine in them.

*Neurostimulation: Now this is huge huge huge our pups receive this and it makes such a huge difference 30% more brain cells, better immune system, overall health, confidence.  READ MORE HERE:  https://breedingbetterdogs.com/article/early-neurological-stimulation



* Used to having toenails trimmed and teeth looked at.


*Temperament testing: We temperament test every puppy several times before they go so you know if your dog should be Alpha or more submissive.


*We have children whom we have come over and play with our puppies, this also helps with the socialization and gets them used to kids and the quick movements etc.


*Started on  Recall training command ( This we start with every meal when they begin to eat solids) this is a very good thing to have with this breed for they can be very stubborn and not come when called. Our adults are on recall and come when called most of the time lol. So important to have with this breed. We were so disappointed when two of our dogs came to us lack of socialization. I got them when they were older pups, been a real challenge for me even as a trainer please make sure your breeder is raising pups in the home under feet exposed to things. 


* Also ALL OF MY PUPPIES go home with a lifetime of breeder support. I can provide you with vaccine info, deworming, issues with training/illness whatever comes up you have for the life of your dog! I am the breeder who is involved as you want me to be with you and your dog. I am a Vet Technician by trade though I do not work in a Vet Office anymore. These Siberian pups are my kids going off into the world, I want to help you be successful parents to living life and part of your family. They are man's best friend I have put so much into them to get them here and raise until they go home with you.


* All my puppies also come with one free session with me for basic obedience training. This takes place at a park near my home that doesn't get a tone of dog traffic. So once your pup is fully vaccinated we can set this session up if you would like, This is often set up a group session with litters who have gone home if we have more than one litter at a time. This way you can interact and get to know those who also got pups from me. So once you contact me and we set a date I may see if others are interested in attending. It is your choice if you want the free session or not, but it is available to you. I ask that you purchase a : 

*Choke Chain or a soft choke collar, have a lead/leash and a flex lead or a long line you can let your dog out on and bring some boiled chicken or small bites of cheese to the session for bait/reward.


PLEASE READ NOTE: Once again it is so important this breed is raised in a very social environment inside a home environment. They can be bred for temperament, but without being handled and exposed to noise and people daily they will be a challenge to say the least. I can not stress this enough, being a dog trainer I see so much of this. Breeders just don't understand you can't raise them outside in a kennel or garage  and have a dog that is truly socialized. Huge hurdles ahead for those who get pups not socialized enough. Seems like almost every dog I have gotten from a breeder has been this way. So very disappointing to say the least. Breeders and People just don't get it. Our dogs are family members. Yes, this is very hard work and challenging to have them inside your home for 8 weeks, cleaning up after them etc. This is why many breeders opt to raise litters outside. I, however, choose to work hard and give my pups the absolute best social start and it pays off ten folds! My clients are very happy and rave about our dogs.

We produce show prospects when requested and will place them accordingly so please inquire if you are looking for a possible show dog :) show pups will be placed as a priority along with service and working dogs placed above pet homes. Even show pups go through a lanky gangly growing stage as they mature ears and legs can look funny at roughly 3-5 months of age. Pups are assessed for show quality at 8 weeks of age this is the dog your pup should come back to when mature.

NOTE: We often do not Register pups if they are going into pet homes/working homes for we do not want any reason for people to the backyard breed our dogs. Papers are of no use to the pet client other than status they are only useful to the breeding program so the breeder can use it for genetics and know breeding behind your breeding dogs to help better your breeding program. If you want AKC papers please inquire and state why.
 We breed for show purpose, but are blessed to breed for: service dog work/PTSD  prospects/ Sled dogs/ search and rescue/tracking. We have personal connections in this and welcome your inquires.


we have a friend who has a litter in Salem Oregon Eric of Pierce's Pack inbox us for his contact info he has a few pups available that will be ready to go end of November.

Talya Litter X Simo: Born September 6th, 2020

1. 2.)Pick Females Tricia /CandiceBreeder  2 girls


1. David, Brooke, D (Talya Litter) Black Male Show pick

2. MaleElizabeth Talya Litter  GreyMale

3. Josie P  Talya litter   Grey Male

4. Patrick Talya Liter  Grey Male

5. Carlos  Red Male Talya

Talya X Aleksei Next Litter/Breeding planned Spring 2021

1. Stephanie female 

2.Sarah Moyle  Male 

3.Mellisa Loh

4. Trish from Dallas Oregon Male

5. Trish from Dallas Oregon Female

6. Dan Vegas (PENDING)






All our pregnant and Lactating girls from day one at the start of their heat cycle get prenatal vitamins along with their food for the entire time they are nursing and for an additional month after to help with recovery from nursing/pregnancy. This one is my personal choice and the one we use here at Dakine

All of our Newborn pups receive Nurture Mate Colostrum the moment they are born this is a huge start for them. The extra colostrum makes them stronger and helps get them going so they nurse well to get the dams Colostrum that is only available the first 48 hrs after birth.

We feed Pro Plan Sport professional  Salmon and Rice to our Siberian Huskies it is a Dry Dog Food 30/25, 33-lb bag it is a very high-quality food that can be found on Chewy.com so our clients can continue to feed it no matter where you live. This is a life stage formula  Purina Pro Plan Professional Salmon and Rice is enough for your dog. This dog food is great for Siberians. Shipped to your doorstep within days of ordering with Chewy. I am picky! Yes, it is high-end pricey food, but well worth it. We do not skimp on nutrition, it is the foundation of health. It is right at $50  shipped to your doorstep. Once again a life stage formula and can be fed for the entire life of your dog. Perfect Calcium/Phosphorus to help with joints (too much calcium can lead to Hip Dysplasia). Also good protein/Fat well/ calorie count. It also has a good amount of Zinc which Siberian Huskies need more of :)

. *Our dogs get Seaweed often to support the thyroid with iodine and for trace minerals and more omega's as well as seaweed has zinc. Tripe is our fav go-to for a treat and we also include fish oil a couple of times a week and supplemental Zinc 3 x per week. We also give a tsp of MCT 3 x a week sometimes a bit more Read here about MCT oil and the benefits for dogs. We start them at 6 months of age NOT OUR PUPS.https://treatibles.com/blog/how-mct-coconut-oil-benefits-pets/

We give all our  Siberians Extra Zinc a few times per week. Deficiency is extremely common and the number one cause of Seizures in Siberian Huskies. Nordic breeds do not absorb zinc efficiently.

We Supplement with Fish oil a few days a week,  Being a Nordic breed they need the fish oil :) this is the brand we use for its purity.

Starting at 6 months of age our dogs get a tsp a day start slow half dose and work up to a full dose.


My son is A The Media producer of KEZI 9 News. He also offers on the side: 


event DJ: weddings and other events click Bellow for info:

Above are my absolute favorite leash and collar set, the Explorer.  The only one I will use when not showing my dogs in a ring. Both collar and the leash are reflective since we do a lot of nightly walks. Also so well made with great clasps in both the leash and the collar. They come in different colors as well. Another thing I recommend is getting a FLEXI LEAD 26ft. This is a great way to let your Siberian have some run time when out and about without letting them off lead, also great for taking your dog outside to go to the bathroom if they are not within a fence.

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